December Featured Piercing

Just like last year, here’s the break down For Jeremy’s Piercing gift certificates!
Whatever amount you want to purchase, an extra 25% will automatically be added to it, on the house!! 😉
Examples: spend $50, get $13 added instantly!!(we will round it up to the nearest dollar) spend $100, get $25 ON THE HOUSE!
Certificates become valid and ready for use the first day we re-open after Christmas. (Tuesday, 12/27/22)
These are PIERCING CERTIFICATES SPECIFICALLY!! They can be used for Piercings, body jewelry, shop merchandise. NOT TATTOOS!
If you can’t make it in to purchase in shop, we can get with you over the phone, or on messenger, and ship it to you!
Stay safe out there peeps, and have a Happy Holidays!!!!

Featured Piercing

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