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When it comes to your next tattoo or piercing you won't find a better experience in Willamette Valley! If you are looking for either a tattoo or a piercing, we got you covered! Located in beautiful downtown Albany DieHard Piercing & Tattoo is not your average tattoo shop. We have incredible talent and we love showing them off! Don't just take our word for it though! See for yourself! Browse by our artists on our sites Portfolio. See why people travel from all over Oregon, Washington & California for the DieHard experience! Some travel hundreds of miles to Albany, OR for our services. We provide all of our clients with the same principles and cores that we believe we would want from any tattoo & piercing business. We offer a clean, friendly environment with experienced artists and piercers. So whether you're from Corvallis, OR, Salem, or even Eugene We cant wait to bring you into the DieHard family. 

If you have already had work done by us, nothing makes us happier than your positive feedback. Click HERE and let others know about your experience here at Diehard Piercing and Tattoo Shop! 


!!SUMMER IS HERE!! That means Jeremy has switched to his summer hours until school starts back up. So the new piercing days are Monday through Friday! We are still by appointment for piercings and walk-ins for jewelry installs, removals, and piercing anatomy consultation.

!!UP COMING CLOSURES!! Saturday, June 29th CLOSED, Thursday, July 4th CLOSED


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I've gotten numerous piercings in the past couple of years and just requested my 2nd nostril and a naval piercing from here! amazing place!!!!
Jessica bell
Jessica bell
I absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants a tattoo or piercings. The staff are amazing and respectful. Always respond as soon as possible as well as on their Facebook page keep you updated on new stuff schedules ECT. I will never go anywhere else
Summer Swisher
Summer Swisher
Really happy I chose to go here and I'll definitely be back in the future. Jeremy and his apprentice did an amazing job!! Both really nice and really good at their job. I got my vertical labret repierced after it being messed up by another place and they took their time and made sure it was perfect. His apprentice (I feel bad that I forgot her name) even measured my lips and everything so it'd be perfect which I appreciate so much!! Thank you thank you thank you guys for everything.
Annie Mattox
Annie Mattox
The shop was clean and smelled fresh. Came for consultation and scheduling for a tattoo with my siblings. Going back in April for all 4 of us to get ink together. It's an exciting time. Will post more once the art is complete:D
Absolute GREAT experience! Highly recommend getting pierced here. Professional, friendly, and fun. The girl (didn’t catch her name, unfortunately) working the front is an absolute doll, and she’s the sweetest! Great first impression. Thanks!!!
Jennifer Bringetto
Jennifer Bringetto
We went back to buy my daughter's nose jewelry after she healed. Jeremy even helped change her jewelry for her 1st time. Really nice guy. 😎
Kezia Brodie
Kezia Brodie
Jeremy is awesome!!! Thank you so much, love my piercings!!
Caroline Medina Blundy
Caroline Medina Blundy
I have gonna here for years


**Starter jewelry always included, Prices may vary depending on personal customized jewelry choice**

Ear Piercings

Upper Cartilage - $55 12yr+
2 Upper Cartilage - $82 13yr+
3 Upper Cartilage - $96 15yr+
Industrial - $77 15yr+
Forward Helix - $55 15yr+
Triple Forward Helix - $96 16yr+
Snug - $55 16yr+
Conch - $55 15yr+
Rook - $57 15yr+
Tragus - $55 15yr+
Anti Tragus - $60 15yr+
Transverse Lobe - $55 15yr+
Ear Lobe - $50 8yr+
Ear Lobes - $75 8 yr+
Daith - $60 16yr+

Facial Piercings

Eye Brow - $55 13yr+
Anti Brow - $55 15yr+
Bridge - $70 17yr+
Nostril (corkscrew) - $55 13yr+
Nostril (Flat back) - $55
Second nostril (opposite side) - $60
Dual nostril (2 on one side) - $85
Both nostrils (1 on both sides) - $95
High Nostril Pair - $95 17yr+
Septum - $60 15yr+
Medusa - $60 15yr+
Monroe - $55 15yr+
Lip - $ 55 13yr+
Labret - $55 13yr+
Ashley- $65 16yr+
Snake Bites - $85 15yr+
Spider Bites - $80 15yr+
Angel Bites - $95  15yr+


Body Piercings

Nape / Back of neck - $75 18yr+
Belly Button - $55/$75 with opal 14yr+
Nipple (18 yrs +) - $55
Nipples (18 yrs +) - $75
Collar Bone - $145 for 2 18yr +
Madison - $75 18yr+
Vampire Bites (Neck Dermals) - $100 18yr+
Hip (for the set) - $125 18yr+

Micro Dermals

1 Micro Dermal - $55
2 Micro Dermals - $95
3 Micro Dermals - $130
4 Micro Dermals - $160

Oral Piercings

Vertical labret - $60 15yr+
Tongue - $55 15yr+
Venom Bites - $125 18yr+
Smiley - $55 15yr+
Frowny - $55 15yr+
Tongue Frenulum- $55 18yr+

Genital Piercings

Please ask for price list for male and female genital piercings (Must be 18+)

Other Piercings

Want something you cant find on our pricing menu? Contact Us


Want to curate your Ears?

Ask about our custom ear curation! Make a plan for your entire ear with custom pricing! Call Us Today! Tel: (541) 967-7883

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