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When it comes to your next tattoo or piercing you won't find a better experience in Willamette Valley! If you are looking for either a tattoo or a piercing, we got you covered! Located in beautiful downtown Albany DieHard Piercing & Tattoo is not your average tattoo shop. We have incredible talent and we love showing them off! Don't just take our word for it though! See for yourself! Browse by our artists on our sites Portfolio. See why people travel from all over Oregon, Washington & California for the DieHard experience! Some travel hundreds of miles to Albany, OR for our services. We provide all of our clients with the same principles and cores that we believe we would want from any tattoo & piercing business. We offer a clean, friendly environment with experienced artists and piercers. So whether you're from Corvallis, OR, Salem, or even Eugene We cant wait to bring you into the DieHard family. 

If you have already had work done by us, nothing makes us happier than your positive feedback. Click HERE and let others know about your experience here at Diehard Piercing and Tattoo Shop! 


December Featured Piercing

Just like last year, here’s the break down For Jeremy’s Piercing gift certificates! Whatever amount…

March Featured Piercing

This triple helix done by the talented Jeremy Diehard McLain was done with Buddha Jewelry…

December featured tattoo

Well, it’s official! 2 years in a row you the people voted us BEST TATTOO…

December Featured Tattoo

Well, it’s official!!! 2 years in a row you the people voted us BEST TATTOO…

New Webpage

Hello everyone! We recently launched our brand new webpage!! If you have any issues please…

Covid 19

We are back OPEN! However, due to the new state mandate. We are APPOINTMENT ONLY till further notice.…

March Featured Tattoo

When it comes to your next tattoo or piercing you won’t find a better experience…



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3 BIG THINGS HAPPENING! 1st, We have a new artist in the shop! Welcome Trevor Packard! He has been
tattooing for 10 years and has a very impressive portfolio! Head on over to the portfolio section of the site and check out his work!

2nd, We have lowered the initial Piercing age for ear lobe piercings!! We will now be accepting clients at 8 years old and up for ear lobes!! So if you have a little that's been wanting their ears pierced call us to set up and appointment today!

Last but not least, during the summer days our piercer Jeremy will be taking walk in jewelry installs or removals until 6 pm on his scheduled working days!!! For a walk in situation please call and make sure he is here and or available!

Kayla MacFarlane-Herold
Kayla MacFarlane-Herold
Just had an excellent experience here getting my Industrial ear piercing done. Got to listen to the piercer training an apprentice on how to draw out marks for my piercing and it was clear that he knew what he was doing. Picture is from a couple hours after, you can sort of see where he corrected her marks. He checked in with me every step of the way to make sure I was feeling alright. Planning on going back for another piercing soon!
tony phillips
tony phillips
they definitely knew what they talking about.
Laura Lovell
Laura Lovell
Jeremy did an amazing job on my vertical labret and eyebrow. They got me in within the week and I couldn’t be happier. Amazing service and help with jewelry as well 🙂
Jese “Fatboy GMMC” Blundell
Jese “Fatboy GMMC” Blundell
Awesome place
Jannetta K Tibbs
Jannetta K Tibbs
Extremely clean, which is quite important to me. Covid compliant also. Large selection of jewelry for piercings. Nicest staff, very professional yet laid back vibe. I had a nostril piercing preformed. It was not painful to me. It has been a week now, and no trouble what so ever. I would highly recommend Diehard Piercing and Tattoo to anyone interested in adorning their bodies. I'm very happy with my piercing.
Merlanda Faoa
Merlanda Faoa
I've gotten multiple piercings from this shop and they were all done great and healed amazing! I personally buy the spray they have in the shop because it's convenient but the nozzle is also way better than the cleaners at the store. I have also bought jewelry from there and it's amazing quality. I have sensitive skin as well. If I ever have any questions whoever answers the phone is always polite and finds me what I'm looking for. 10/10 would recommend


**Starter jewelry always included, Prices may vary depending on personal customized jewelry choice**

Ear Piercings

Upper Cartilage - $55 12yr+
2 Upper Cartilage - $82
3 Upper Cartilage - $96
Industrial - $77 15yr+
Forward Helix - $55 15yr+
Triple Forward Helix - $96
Snug - $55 15yr+
Conch - $55 13yr+
Rook - $57 15yr+
Tragus - $55 13yr+
Anti Tragus - $60 15yr+
Transverse Lobe - $55 15yr+
Ear Lobe - $50 10yr+
Ear Lobes - $75 10yr+
Daith - $60 15yr+

Facial Piercings

Eye Brow - $55 13yr+
Anti Brow - $55 15yr+
Bridge - $70 17yr+
Nostril (corkscrew) - $55 13yr+
Nostril (Flat back) - $55
Second nostril (opposite side) - $60
Dual nostril (2 on one side) - $85
Both nostrils (1 on both sides) - $95
High Nostril Pair - $95 17yr+
Septum - $60 15yr+
Medusa - $60 15yr+
Monroe - $55 15yr+
Lip - $ 55 13yr+
Labret - $55 13yr+
Ashley- $65 16yr+
Snake Bites - $85 15yr+
Spider Bites - $80 15yr+
Angel Bites - $95  15yr+


Body Piercings

Nape / Back of neck - $75 18yr+
Belly Button - $55/$75 with opal 14yr+
Nipple (18 yrs +) - $55
Nipples (18 yrs +) - $75
Collar Bone - $145 for 2 18yr +
Madison - $75 18yr+
Vampire Bites (Neck Dermals) - $100 18yr+
Hip (for the set) - $125 18yr+

Micro Dermals

1 Micro Dermal - $55
2 Micro Dermals - $95
3 Micro Dermals - $130
4 Micro Dermals - $160

Oral Piercings

Tongue - $55 15yr+
Venom Bites - $125 18yr+
Smiley - $55 15yr+
Frowny - $55 15yr+
Tongue Frenulum- $55 18yr+

Genital Piercings

Please ask for price list for male and female genital piercings (Must be 18+)

Other Piercings

Want something you cant find on our pricing menu? Contact Us


Want to curate your Ears?

Ask about our custom ear curation! Make a plan for your entire ear with custom pricing! Call Us Today! Tel: (541) 967-7883

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